Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Have a drink, have some rice, go to the bathroom, enjoy the view and meet the newest teachers.

DJ likes to have some of our drink now every since she learned to drink from a straw.

She has found that she really likes cola.

If she can catch the straw.

Suzanne was having lunch and doing school work while Deb and I were gone to a lunch meeting at Sharon's. DJ was keeping her company sleeping at her feet.

"I can't find it, can you Spot?"
Actually, DJ had spilled her rice by accident on the floor and Spot was cleaning it up when DJ decided to help her big brother by getting down on the floor and licking it up like he was showing her.

DJ calls her pacifiers 'bofoes' and still needs them from time to time. She was having an especially bad day here, needing three.

All at once.

"Stop taking a picture and get me a magazine."

If you looked at some of the previous post, you would see how this was an old building that they tore down six months ago. They have been building a senior living center. The buildings in the foreground are two levels with storage on the bottom and apartments on top. The tall, long, brown and white building with the red roof is five floors. They are almost ready to have people move in.

These are the newest teachers to Ivy, Chloe and Adam. They had been teaching in Cambodia for nearly the last two years where his father is a missionary. He's from Florida and she's from Essex in England. They just arrived on Sunday and started on Monday. We took them around today to get money changed, phones and groceries.

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