Sunday, January 1, 2012


I hosted a New Years Eve party at our apartment. I invited the top three classes from Ivy. I was expecting around 25 to 30. We borrowed some slippers and stools from a friend. We bought snacks and drinks. I ordered 18 large pizzas the day before to be delivered after the party started. One came early and the others came exactly on time at 5pm. There were only 17 that showed up. The pizza arrived at 6:15pm. There were enough pizzas left that we had pizza for three days after. Three people brought gifts for us. DJ had a blast with all the people and was very tired at the end of the night. Suzanne had lots of fun playing different games including 'rock, paper, scissors - truth or dare'. The party was finally over at 9:30pm because most of them aren't allowed to stay out past 10pm.

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