Thursday, March 29, 2012

Apartment, shoes, church and more things.

We have finally taken some pictures of our apartment to post on here since we as of yet, do not have internet at home. We also still have no micrwave at home yet. We did finally get a water cooler at home, because we took the one out of the classroom and then got water ourselves. We got Susan some sneakers to replace her old ones. We have started attending a International church that TJ and Jennie go to also. They have a 9:30 and a 11:30 service. DJ likes her class, and Susan likes her youth group. I think we are starting to get into a routine now. We have found some places that will deliver food, when we don't want to cook, and some grocery stores close by. Susan is finishing up her 11th grade so that she can be ready to start 12 when she goes back next year.

This is the front door that we come in. 

 Susan's new shoes.
 This is the sign for the group that DJ goes to for her church service.

This was the early service we went to, it is usually a much bigger group, but even this one filled up quickly.

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