Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Moving with a dog from America to China. How?

I thought that you might want to know how it worked that we got our dog to China....

When we knew that we were going to move from America to China, we had to start about 6 months before that time, to find out what to do about Spot. He is a brindle colored Boston Terrier breed. He is a very loving, now four year old dog. It didn’t really take any major doing to get him ready. Paperwork from a certain vet, that has authority to do certain papers, a trip to Little Rock to get papers signed, and then flying out of Dallas airport, instead of Little Rock. The trip to Little Rock, was for the official paper saying he was healthy. The Dallas part, was because the airline we used, that is where the headquarters was, and he had to go through that way, There are only certain airports that you can fly out of when taking animals internationally. It all depends on what airline you are using, as to which city you must go out of then. We used American Airlines. He was taken care of very well. When we all got to Beijing, then we were just going to stay for about 7 days, and then take him with us on to Jiamusi. Well, that was our plan anyways. It ended up where it was a good thing we stayed close, because Carl had to spend one day doing paperwork and paying money to get Spot into quarantine. When he had gotten to China, they took him off the plane and put him in a cold warehouse. If it had not been for someone calling Carl, and telling him then Spot would not be here now. After the 30 days in quarantine, then he was put on another plane and that is when I went with a assistant from Ivy, and got him back to our home. Think that was hard? Now, when we went to move Spot from Jiamusi to Beijing, then we were going to just do it ourselves. We had a book saying that he had all his shots etc., and all we needed was him on the plane. I checked the airline and saw that they could take him on certain flights, but then when we got to the airport to find out how to do things, and where to go the week before leaving, then the airport said with him and his cage, he had to be less than 15kg, and he was 20kg. There was a man there, that moves dogs, and he offered to help. We paid him, and gave him Spot, his cage, and some food. He is supposed to be here today. It was actually easier to move him here in China, than to China. If you are wanting to know about moving with small dogs in China, it is very easy. Big dogs, you need help. We love our dog, so it had to be done.

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