Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Things are getting done

Looking outside the window here at the school, all I see is grey sky! Rain? No, just normal day for Beijing. Things are getting pretty settled down now. We have our Visa's done and final. How did that happen? Grace found a lady that could get the paperwork done, even though our last school didn't send everything they needed. It only cost us 6,000 RMB, of which this school paid none. We have our classes getting into order, and have found out which ones need more help. My teaching is slowly getting better. My teaching is getting better. The classes I have are from two students up to 6 students for now. We think that by the time we come back from the break they will have next week, then Carl will get moved to the public school full time, and I will have classes from 2-16 kids then. We have also learned that our approximate date for summer will be about July 13-August 26. Hot parts in Arkansas I know :( . We will have to shop for more shoes for everyone, a printer, one last computer, and also a ayi for DJ. We have found a potty chair for DJ, although she hasn't used it much. We had talked about getting her a stroller, and then I had found a rolling bag that is very good size and sturdy for putting groceries in and wheeling home, and it even has a side that a seat folds out to use in a subway, if she wanted. We have been using that as groceries/stroller. 

This is one of the international classes.

This is her new stroller, looks like she is having fun right?

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