Sunday, April 29, 2012

Beijing Zoo

On the second day of our five day break, we went to the Beijing Zoo. It was a far better zoo than the one in Jiamusi. Since we had already seen a Giant Panda before, we did not pay the extra to see them on this trip. We did buy the combo ticket to see the zoo and the Beijing Aquarium. Some of the exhibits were not open or appeared to have missing animals. For visitors that have seen zoos such as the one in San Diego, this will be a great disappointment and maybe even a little sad. We did not get to see everything, but one of the things that we did see that I liked was the kids area. Just walking around our local community, some people are a little afraid of our middle sized dog. We have found that many people in China are afraid of dogs. For a long time in China, people have not been able to afford having a dog, except for dinner. Now more are starting to have pets. For those kids that don't have a pet, but would like to play with one, the Beijing Zoo offers kids a place to walk and frolic with cats and dogs of all bread and size.

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