Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012 in Beijing

I was so completely exhausted from my first very busy Easter in Beijing.

It all started with my usual sunday morning bus ride to church with my parents and sister.

After church, we went around the corner from the church to a big mall called Solana.

They had a central courtyard for us to walk around.

One part of the mall has everything for kids including ice skating.

Since I am not big enough for ice skating yet, I played in the little kids play area.

I really like going up and down steps now that I can do it by myself.

I see you.

Excuse me, coming through.

This was my first time in a ball pit.

It had a lot of very colorful balls.

It was very fun.

Where does the train go?

When mom and dad finally got me away from the play area inside, we went outside just in time for the Easter egg painting.

I found one just my size.

Here comes the paint.

This is fun.

We should have Easter every sunday.

Can we do this at home?

Many other people enjoyed Easter at the Solana Mall with us.

The mall is at the northwest corner of Chaoyang Park and this is what looks to be a giant fried egg.

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