Saturday, May 19, 2012

DJ update.

In this blog post I have included some new pictures of DJ and a couple of the beautiful roses the city has planted everywhere in the city. I also will tell you about our recent visit to the local clinic with DJ. DJ had a runny nose all of last week, but on Thursday evening, she also had a swelling under one of her eyes. I knew right away that this wasn't just a cold anymore; that it was an infection. She didn't have a fever, but we took her to the local clinic the next morning anyway. In just thirty minutes we had completed her paper work, seen the doctor, had a blood test done, seen the doctor again and gotten the medication she needed. Not only was all this fast and easy, but it also only cost about $20US. Some people will say that China is behind the times when it comes to medicine, but I don't think so. Just like in the states, there are good doctors, clinics or hospitals and bad. We weren't the only ones at the clinic that day. There were about 40 to 50 others patients. The blood test was done, not using a needle, but a laser to prick her finger. We only had to wait a few minutes to get the results which included a long list of things they tested. She is taking both traditional and modern Chinese medicine. The next day she was already showing great signs of improvement including the swelling under eye was almost gone. Just like people in America, the Chinese complain about their health care system. Having experienced both, I don't see why they complain.

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