Friday, May 4, 2012

New electric bike.

It cost about $400 US including a chain lock and helmets. It is just for quick short trips around our part of Beijing. It is not for bad weather or night or going across town. It can also be used even if the battery is used up. I think Suzanne likes it. Maybe she can learn how to drive it. Of course, she doesn't know how to ride a regular bike. The back seat is not very user friendly for Debora, because she has to put her knees in her chin to use the foot rest. I might could get a seat put on the back for DJ. And then later, Deb could get her own to share with Suzanne. We will have to take it slow until we get used to it. Getting around in traffic isn't that big of a difference than walking, since sometimes you have to walk in the street or get out of the way of cars driving and parking on the sidewalks. When in Beijing, do as the Beijingers.

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