Friday, June 29, 2012

DJ has a new friend.

I have always heard and believe that God moves in strange ways, and makes things happen for different reasons. On Wednesday night, I had taken DJ outside to go to one of the local little stores in our community to see if we could find another shower head, long story there. When we were walking around, we met this lady who spoke pretty good English and her 16 month old little girl outside. We talked and the kids played some. The lady named Jessica asked if I wanted to exchange phone numbers and then we could arrange play dates for the kids. I did, and so today DJ and I went over to Jessica’s house with her daughter Ann The two girls had fun together. Right before we had to leave to come home, Jessica’s husband Leon came in. Leon can speak Chinese and Russian, and Jessica speaks Chinese and working on improving her English

This toy was one of DJ's favorite toys that Ann had.

This is Ann.

DJ likes playing the keyboard.

DJ and Ann both had fun playing.

This is DJ, Ann and Jessica.

DJ and Ann both liked playing ball with Leon after he came in from work.

Susan is a senior now.

Susan has been taking her homeschool classes through globalstudentnetwork since about 8th grade. She has just finished her 11th grade ending with a Algebra 2 course. Now she is a senior. We already have her 12th grade courses planned out for her. Her courses will be:

Transition to college math
*Art history
*Student leadership
Enviromental science
*Microsoft word
Act prep
French 2
*Music appreciation
*Marine biology
*Microsoft excel
World history
*Intro to theatre
*Computer application.
 The courses that are special marked * mean that they are semester courses.
I also have a special way to do the ACT, and the two Microsoft courses without having to buy the courses online. If anyone needs to know, just ask.

Next summer, when we go back to visit the states then she will stay with Carl’s parents until college. She is already planning to go to college when she is 17, and study to be a Vet Technician.

Day playing at Fundazzle and DJ got dedicated.

China was about to have their Dragon Boat Festival. That is the festival where they eat sticky rice a lot. Since that was happening, then the school we work for gave us off Friday. I took that chance, and gave Carl a quite day at home alone. I took the girls and we went to a place called Fundazzle. It is a big inside playarea for kids of all ages. I was thinking about having DJ’s third birthday there in August. She had fun. There was a section just for toddlers. Susan took her through other parts, and they had fun climbing etc. There was also a big ball pit at one end.
Then on Sunday, the church we go to was having a baby dedication, and we had DJ in the program. She had gotten up early, so right before the part for her, she started her morning nap. She has a certificate that says what it was for, and her name though.

This was the child dedication. The youth minister was doing this service.

This was at Fundazzle, in the giant ball pit area. It is big enough for a swimming pool.

This one you can just barely see DJ at the left of Susan. She had a blast.

This was inside the toddler only area. She loves the little cars like this.

"All these people are in my way, I will go over here and play"

This is the toddler area.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Beijing World Park

We took our two favorite studetns with us yesterday as we traveled the at the Beijing World Park.
Sydney Harbour Bridge

Aggie and Lina are two middle school studetns that we both teach English at the private school we work for and I tutor in math after school. It was great that their parents trusted us foreign teachers to take them all the way across this large city by public transportation to a place we had never been to before. They maybe had been on the subway once before and only one of them had been to the park before. It took three subways and a bus, plus some walking, to get to the park, but half the adventure is getting to where you're going. We got to ride another of Beijing's subway lines that we had not been on previously and see another part of the city we hadn't seen before. Some of these don't have titles or links because I don't remember what they are.
Entrance to the park.

Acropolis of Athens
 DJ in the splash zone.

 Suzanne with Santa. DJ wouldn't go near him.

 Golden Gate Bridge

The Big Apple twin towers

Washington Monument
 DJ makes new friends every where she goes.

 Eiffel Tower
 Big Ben


The girls having PB&J sandwiches for lunch.
Egyptian columns
  Chichen Itza

U.S. Capitol building
  Lincoln Memorial


Great Wall


 Ishtar Gate

  Angkor Wat

  Easter Island

 These were the cleanist public restrooms with no flies or smell that I have seen in China or any other country.


In the evening, after the World Park, we went to our follow Arkansas's friends apartment to have pizza and visit. DJ played with their two boys and new dog until the boys ran off to play with their friends and then she kept us entertained and found new things to get into.