Friday, June 29, 2012

DJ has a new friend.

I have always heard and believe that God moves in strange ways, and makes things happen for different reasons. On Wednesday night, I had taken DJ outside to go to one of the local little stores in our community to see if we could find another shower head, long story there. When we were walking around, we met this lady who spoke pretty good English and her 16 month old little girl outside. We talked and the kids played some. The lady named Jessica asked if I wanted to exchange phone numbers and then we could arrange play dates for the kids. I did, and so today DJ and I went over to Jessica’s house with her daughter Ann The two girls had fun together. Right before we had to leave to come home, Jessica’s husband Leon came in. Leon can speak Chinese and Russian, and Jessica speaks Chinese and working on improving her English

This toy was one of DJ's favorite toys that Ann had.

This is Ann.

DJ likes playing the keyboard.

DJ and Ann both had fun playing.

This is DJ, Ann and Jessica.

DJ and Ann both liked playing ball with Leon after he came in from work.

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