Friday, June 29, 2012

Susan is a senior now.

Susan has been taking her homeschool classes through globalstudentnetwork since about 8th grade. She has just finished her 11th grade ending with a Algebra 2 course. Now she is a senior. We already have her 12th grade courses planned out for her. Her courses will be:

Transition to college math
*Art history
*Student leadership
Enviromental science
*Microsoft word
Act prep
French 2
*Music appreciation
*Marine biology
*Microsoft excel
World history
*Intro to theatre
*Computer application.
 The courses that are special marked * mean that they are semester courses.
I also have a special way to do the ACT, and the two Microsoft courses without having to buy the courses online. If anyone needs to know, just ask.

Next summer, when we go back to visit the states then she will stay with Carl’s parents until college. She is already planning to go to college when she is 17, and study to be a Vet Technician.

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