Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Back to the Hutong for a day

We had talked about going back to the hutong area, where we had been when first comeing to China in 2010. We just had to find a day when we all had time to do it though. Susan was missing the restraunt where she had tried to break the door going to eat breakfast one time,inside joke. Also a bar that we had went and ate at a few times. It finally came to when we had a Saturday free, and could go. Here are some pics of a lake that was close to a pizza place that TJ and Jennie had taken us to. The pizza place, we just didn’t find. The other two places we went looking for had also been changed, and weren’t there. It wasn’t a wasted trip, we all had fun and it was a nice day for it then.

Don't you love the chinglish?

This is DJ's way to see Beijing.

Chicken Nuggets, a 3 year old's favorite meal.

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