Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Downtown Daxing

This almost looks like a upside down Mcdonalds sign...but since you are in China, then it's a chinese eating place.

Giant mooncake for the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival.


One of the malls we went into had rides and DJ loved them.

She got this mask from Pizza Hut when we ate lunch there.

Daxing is in the outer suburbs of Beijing. It is a relatively small section of Beijing and about half-way to the actual countryside from Beijing center.

Three year old's take naps where ever they want to.

Maybe something a little smaller.
We are looking for something bigger than the last e-bike that was stolen.

Getting closer.

This is an e-bike for the cops in Beijing.

Clear day in Beijing.

Is having a smog free day worth taking pictures of? In Beijing it is.

Meal out with parents.

When we saw that we weren't going to be able to go back to the US this summer my parents came to China to visit us. I know that took a lot of money, and some giving up things, and planning. Thank you very much for coming to visit and being able to visit. We took them out to a Chinese place to eat one night. 
Granpa Gil, grandma Linda, Susan and DJ.

Amazingly everyone was eating with chopsticks.

DJ always finds friends

To market, to market, to buy a fresh....anything.

This is an open air market that is fairly close to us. It is open in the mornings and closed pretty much in time for the nap time after lunch.

They have people who make fresh things while you wait.

If you can't find it here, then they don't use it in China

Yes,this is food that they eat...on the ground.

They have spices and fresh ingredients all over.

Fresh meat,with or without flies?

You can even get duck.

Fresh noodles.

Going to see the great wall.....

Carl had the day off, so we wanted to go to see the Great Wall. That meant a lot of walking and getting up early etc. The rest of the crew decided to stay home, but we wanted to go. When we went to catch bus 936 at Dongzhimen, a lady dressed in a bus shirt told us it would be quicker to take bus 980. It didn't take us to the right place or even anywhere near the wall, but at least it was only 3RMB each way for one person and was an air conditioned bus with a nice view of the countryside.
Mountains in the background

 When we got off the bus, we were in a smaller town.

 It looks nice enough huh?

It happened that the person that we thought was ok to get off the main bus with, was a crook. So, when we got off then the cabs to go to the wall were high priced ones.
We had a nice outing, and got a few bus rides.
Did we see the Great Wall? Not this time.


Monday, September 17, 2012

More catching up with pictures

Here are the rest of the this and that pictures. Pictures that we have taken of different things.
Susan was trying to dye her hair.

We were trying to dye it green, using Kool-Aid.

Things You'll Need To Make Homemade Green Hair Dye

  • Glass mixing bowl Lime sugar-free gelatin dessert mix Green food coloring Whisk Hot water Hair collected from your hairbrush Foil or plastic bags Blow dryer
  • It is better to have things all within reach when you start.


    • 1
      Boil two cups of water, and allow the water to continue to simmer gently while you're preparing the green hair dye.
    • 2
      Open the envelopes of gelatin and empty them into a glass mixing bowl. You'll need one box of dessert mix for short hair, two for medium length hair and three for long hair.
    • 3
      Add 1/4 cup of boiling water for each package used to the powdered gelatin and whisk to mix well. A thick paste will form. Begin adding boiling water a tablespoon at a time, whisking with each addition, until the paste becomes thin.
    • 4
      Study the color of the green gelatin dessert depicted on the box of Jello. Decide if that shade is the color that you want for your hair to be. If you want a deeper shade of green, add green food coloring a drop at a time, whisking well and following each addition until the paste deepens to the shade that you desire.
    • 5
      Allow the green hair dye to cool just enough for it to be comfortable to apply to your scalp. Use it immediately. Wear disposable gloves when handling the dye because it will stain your skin.

Here is DJ.

Sometimes playing is such hard work.

This is a balloon that I had found for DJ and she loved.

DJ and her grandpa Gil.

DJ and her grandma Linda.

Spot had to get in on the picture with grandpa and DJ.

"Well I always see you all using toilet paper, and now you say bad DJ?"

This is the back of the baloon.

DJ's costume.