Monday, December 10, 2012

Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner.

We haven't had an American traditional Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner since moving to China. For Thanksgiving we have had KFC and the first two years we had a nice dinner with our Canadian friends for Christmas, but no turkey.  Mainly because turkeys are hard to come by over here. We did see a live one in Jiamusi, but weren't prepared for killing, cleaning or cooking it. Now that we are in Beijing, there are several restaurants that fix complete meals you can order ahead and even have delivered.

We had purchased this large toaster oven and after Thanksgiving saw frozen turkeys for sale in one of the import stores. We decided to buy the turkey and have a Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner ourselves. We don't have a freezer so we had to cook the turkey once it was thawed. It only took 3 hours in our new convection oven and it turned out wonderful. Golden brown skin and juicy meat that just pulled off the bone.

Deb made deviled eggs.

It was a feast for the six of us, including Spot and the rabbit.

Turkey, deviled eggs and gravy.

Mashed potatoes, asparagus and cornbread dressing.

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