Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Arkansas State Fair / New car

This last weekend, Suzanne, her boyfriend, Destiny, and I, drove to our state capital, Little Rock, to go to the Arkansas State Fair. The fair is held each year. Thy have rides, food, games, exhibitions, vendors, contest, music, and live performances. When we went, it was raining, so there weren't very many people there, and the rides weren't operating. We still walked around looking at all the animals, some of the exhibits, the vendors, and tried some of the food.

Before we went to the fair, I bought a new car.

It is a 2017 Ford C-Max energi Titanium. It is a plug-in hybrid. It can operate as a hybrid, using gas and electric together, getting up to 42 miles to a gallon. Or, it can operate as an electric only, with a range of about 20 miles. The total range of the car is around 570 miles on a full tank of gas, and full electrical charge.
I bought the car because my older daughter, Suzanne, needs a second car for her and her boyfriend to get to work. The car she has is old, a 1997, and needs a lot of maintenance. So, I am selling her my old car, a 2003 PT Cruiser, in very good condition and a brand new set of tires that cost $400. It is worth $2,000, and I am selling it to them for only $800.
I only drive twice a day, 0.3 miles, during the week to my other daughter's school, and back. Then I drive twice a week to our church, and once a week to the grocery store, each only a few miles distance from where I live. So, I mostly only use my car in electric mode. I will use the gas motor, in hybrid mode, if I have to go out of town, like we will do next weekend, to go to Magic Springs Theme Park in Hot Springs, for something special before Halloween.

Here is a little preview of what I will be wearing for Halloween.

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