Monday, March 25, 2019

Spring Break 2019 (Ark Encounter)

The second attraction of our first full day of Spring Break, where we were not traveling, was at the Ark Encounter. We got an early start at the Creation Museum, saw that, and then drove 45 miles down the road to the Ark Encounter. We took a few outside photos, then had a great buffet lunch in the restaurant at the Ark Encounter. After lunch, Destiny rode a camel, and we spent a little time with some goats. Finally, we went inside the ark. Some things I came away with were: Noah not only built this huge ark with tools and technology of the period, to house the animals(as well as plant seeds), and survive the great flood, but he had to engineer how to care for the animals (water, food, air, waste), and he was also tasked with preserving the good history of mankind to that point (art, literature, and such), as well as documenting and cataloging everything. My favorite part was the large living quarters for Noah and his family.

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