Friday, April 19, 2019

Mean Pig!

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I had a memory pop-up on Facebook I want to share with you. This originally occurred four years ago:

How many stupid things have you done in your life? If you are like me, too many to count. What was the last stupid thing you did? I don't think we often plan on doing something stupid, it just turns out that way after the fact. I went to visit family in Jacksonville yesterday and went to lunch at 'The Mean Pig' and took the challenge. What is the challenge? It is a pulled pork sandwich with BBQ sauce made from some of the hottest stuff in the world. Turns out there are a lot of people out there that have done this same stupid thing. Very few have completed the challenge by eating all of it. I love spicy hot stuff, but could only do three bites before I threw in the towel. When I opened my mouth to breath, I felt as though flames should be coming out. I don't know of anyone who has died from the challenge, but I can tell you that the pain I went through for the next eight hours as those three bites passed through my body was not fun. I AM A SURVIVOR OF THE MEAN PIG SHUT UP JUICE CHALLENGE! (barely)

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