Thursday, June 13, 2019

Teacher Carl travels to Washington D.C. (Jamestown Settlement)

On Saturday, we took advantage of very nice weather, and drove back south of Washington D.C. to Jamestown Settlement. We had already been to the original Historic Jamestowne site, but didn't have time that day to see the recreation of Jamestown Settlement.
Destiny with a skunk (fur). 

This is a representation of the types of homes that the local native Indians would have had around the time of the founding of Jamestown in 1608. 
She is grinding corn into cornmeal to make cornbread. 

I think there is an Indian behind you. 
Notice the ventilation opening to allow for air flow. 

Three ships came from England to establish a settlement in Virginia. This was the biggest, the Susan Constant. 
Picture taken from the deck of the Susan Constant of the second and smaller ship, the Godspeed. 
And finally, the third and smallest ship, the Discovery. 

Inside the fort at the Jamestown Settlement.  

It wasn't easy for the first settlers. They had to bring everything they needed in the ships across the Atlantic Ocean. When they arrived, they had no buildings for shelter, and had no idea what to expect, or what the weather was like throughout the year.
They encountered native Indians. The two groups of people had completely different cultures and languages, which sometimes caused tension, and even fighting.
The first winter was the worst, as the settlers supplies ran low, and the temperatures became more severe than they were prepared for. Many settlers died.

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