Sunday, October 27, 2019

Halloween 2019

There is a small state park about 20 to 25 minutes drive from our home. Usually, it is not crowded, but the weekend of or before Halloween each year, every campsite is occupied. This partially because of the weather, since it is the a little cooler than, which makes for great camping weather. Every single person that is camping that weekend will decorate their campers and campsite for Halloween. They will dress in costume and greet visiting families by handing out candy to the children. This has been a tradition for years, and each year there are more and more people that come. The local sheriff department does a wonderful job showing more than a thousand visitors where to park and keeping everyone safe from the monsters that live in the woods. Yes, I said monsters. After the children are finished trick or treating, there is a haunted trail they can take, where all kinds of scary monsters pop out along the path to try and scare you. We love and look forward to going this event every year.

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