Thursday, December 31, 2020

Last camping trip for 2020.


Our last camping trip in 2020 was after Christmas and before New Years. We went to Millwood Lake, and stayed at another U.S. Army Corps of Engineers campground, called Beard's Bluff Park.
This was a small campground, but one of the best we have been to, and very well maintained.
We only stayed two of the three nights we had planned, because of bad weather moving in for the last day, but we had a wonderful, relaxing time.

So far, each camping trip has had something that kept it from being perfect. Sometimes our spot isn't very level for our tent. One campground had freight trains passing near the campgrounds, even at night. The weather can also be a factor. This trip, we drove over an hour to reach our campground, and when we started to put up the tent, realized we forgot to bring the tent poles. We had to return home to get them, and by the time we got back to the campground, it was already dark, and had to put up the tent using our car headlights to see.

Each trip had been special and memorable for different reasons. But what made them fun, was doing these camping trips together with my younger daughter. We love to go hiking together, see new places, be out in nature, ride our bikes, set around the campfire, talk, relax, and enjoy each other's company.
January and February are the coldest months in Arkansas, so we will spend those months at home, and will return to camping during school Spring Break, at the end of March.

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Christmas Prayer

Yahweh, Great and Mighty Father in Heaven, Provider, Lord and Master of all, hear my prayer.

I give thanks to you for bringing to us light and hope through Your Son, Jesus Christ.

It is only by Your mercy, His Love, and our faith that we can approach You.

May we continue to recognize You in our lives, and listen to Your guidance.

May we be good servants to You, and good witnesses of Your Love.

I pray now for the world, the world You created, and the people, Your children.

In this last year, we have suffered greatly. Sin of all forms have plagued us.

I pray that You will show us Your Mercy, and deliver us from all that tries to prevent us from seeing You and Your Love.

I pray that Your Will be done, and that it will strengthen us, unite us, and draw us nearer to You.

I pray for our nation Lord. We have been torn apart, selfish, and foolish.

Help us to see the errors of our ways. And I pray for forgiveness for our many sins.

Lord God Almighty, I also pray for my family, and our friends. Continue to be with us as we struggle in this world. Lift us up when we fall. Strengthen us when we are weak. Carry us when we think we can no longer continue. Remind us of Your Love for us. Help us to see Your Presence in our lives.

Father, I pray now for my mother. Thank you so very much for providing me with such a kind, caring, and wise mother. She has always been a good example of Your Love, even when sometimes I didn’t deserve it. Just as You always love us.

Yahweh, I also pray for Gil. When I fell, he picked me up. When I wandered, he showed me the way. When I was in error, he corrected me. When I did not know, he taught me. He has been an example of Your Love, by being Your servant.

God the Father, I give thanks and praise to You for my children. They have been a blessing that has sustained me. I have tried to do my best to raise them and care for them as You do us. I have learned so much being a father to my children about what I should be like as one of Your children. I pray that You will always be with them, in good and bad.

Merciful and Mighty Lord, I also pray for my grandson. He is as innocent as Your Son, Jesus was when He was born into this world. Just as Jesus had You watching over Him, I pray that You will watch over my grandson, and see to his needs according to Your will.

Finally Yahweh, I pray for myself, that You will forgive me, protect me, and guide me. Give me the knowledge and opportunity to be the kind of child that makes You happy. I return Your Love.


Thursday, December 17, 2020

Springhill Park

Our next to last camping trip for the year was to Springhill Park, next to Massard Creek, along the Arkansas River, near Fort Smith, Arkansas.

It rained all day the second day. And, our tent did have some leaks around the back door. I think an improvement for the tent would be to have another awning on the back of the tent, because with the awning up, the front didn't leak.

It was also very cold, below freezing each night. We were comfortable with the heater on low. But when we went to bed, we turned off the heater and stayed inside our sleeping bags, and were toasty warm all night long.

The only other problem we had was when we broke camp and started packing, we found that there had been some condensation between our sleeping bags and air mattresses. So, we had to open these up for them to air out when we got home.

It didn't snow, although we were looking forward to it.

This park has some of the best cycling trails we've experienced, and we enjoyed cycling while there.

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Daisy State Park at Lake Greeson

We had another camping trip, this time to Daisy State Park at Lake Greeson. It was raining all Sunday morning before we left, but stopped in the afternoon. We arrived about two hours before sunset. After setting up camp, we did our usual campfire and then prepared dinner, and enjoyed a movie. The next day, we explored the camp, and went for a hike. Because it was supposed to be raining all day on Wednesday, we decided to leave a day early. It was 21 Fahrenheit (-6 Celsius) when we woke up Tuesday morning. We had left our heater on low all night, so not to freeze our drinking water in the tent. It was still just above freezing in the tent. I turned the heat to high so we could get dressed and prepare breakfast. After breakfast, we went for another hike, and took a picnic lunch with us to enjoy. We found a picnic table setup on the banks of the lake. We ate lunch, and then played a game I brought along, and finally, explored a little bit, before returning to camp and packed up to go home. Even cutting our trip short by a day, it was still nice.

As we were exploring the camp, we saw this squirrel warming itself near a yurt.