Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Daisy State Park at Lake Greeson

We had another camping trip, this time to Daisy State Park at Lake Greeson. It was raining all Sunday morning before we left, but stopped in the afternoon. We arrived about two hours before sunset. After setting up camp, we did our usual campfire and then prepared dinner, and enjoyed a movie. The next day, we explored the camp, and went for a hike. Because it was supposed to be raining all day on Wednesday, we decided to leave a day early. It was 21 Fahrenheit (-6 Celsius) when we woke up Tuesday morning. We had left our heater on low all night, so not to freeze our drinking water in the tent. It was still just above freezing in the tent. I turned the heat to high so we could get dressed and prepare breakfast. After breakfast, we went for another hike, and took a picnic lunch with us to enjoy. We found a picnic table setup on the banks of the lake. We ate lunch, and then played a game I brought along, and finally, explored a little bit, before returning to camp and packed up to go home. Even cutting our trip short by a day, it was still nice.

As we were exploring the camp, we saw this squirrel warming itself near a yurt.

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