Thursday, December 17, 2020

Springhill Park

Our next to last camping trip for the year was to Springhill Park, next to Massard Creek, along the Arkansas River, near Fort Smith, Arkansas.

It rained all day the second day. And, our tent did have some leaks around the back door. I think an improvement for the tent would be to have another awning on the back of the tent, because with the awning up, the front didn't leak.

It was also very cold, below freezing each night. We were comfortable with the heater on low. But when we went to bed, we turned off the heater and stayed inside our sleeping bags, and were toasty warm all night long.

The only other problem we had was when we broke camp and started packing, we found that there had been some condensation between our sleeping bags and air mattresses. So, we had to open these up for them to air out when we got home.

It didn't snow, although we were looking forward to it.

This park has some of the best cycling trails we've experienced, and we enjoyed cycling while there.

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